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  • Radio advertising targets the audience you want to attract! Your advertising goes directly to the people you want to hear it!
  • Radio advertising can be extremely effective, but proper planning and placement is essential to increase your business public awareness and sales. That is exactly what 790 AM  will do for you and your product. 790AM  is a superior service and value!
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  • African American buying power currently exceeds $653 billion.
  • Gospel attracts the largest share of Black female listeners.
  • Gospel radio is increasingly viewed as a viable format to target financially secure, black consumers in the prime buying market.
  • Gospel listeners earn a household income over $60,000 per year.
  • Gospel radio listeners are 73 percent more likely than the average adult to be a heavy radio user, listening an average of 28.3 hours each week.
  • Gospel fans are the most likely of any radio listening group to own their own homes.
  • Gospel listeners are loyal. They listen at work, predominantly at home and on the weekends.
  • Gospel listeners are family-oriented, on average 48-52% of them have children in the home or in college.
  • Gospel listeners spend their money on enjoying the bounty of blessings: they are 45 percent more likely than general urban radio listeners to buy sport utility vehicles, 11 percent more likely to purchase furniture, 11 percent more likely to hold investment products.
  • Gospel fans are 17 percent more likely to play golf, seven percent more likely to attend adult continuing education courses, they are 20 percent more likely to patronize fast-food restaurants.
  • Gospel radio formats are listened to as much as Urban Adult Contemporary stations and Contemporary Hit Radio Stations.
  • WNTC Listeners are loyal listeners and regularly support our advertisers and partnering ministries.
  • WNTC offers more competitive rates, more spot inventory options and flexible block time options.
  • WNTC is community-involved and sponsors programs and events focusing on spiritual development, health care, and living a better life.
  • No other gospel station or gospel format in this market can help you convert this defined group of listeners into results for your business. Call us now to get your advertising going today.Information from Arbitron study BLACK RADIO LISTENING 2010 and Interep research as articled in BRE Magazine.

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